What we do

Professional services

Express start-up service

A start-up service will be provided to help install and configure our software to meet the needs of your company. Once the configuration for the backup selection, retention policy and backup schedules are set, we will monitor your backup jobs to ensure that everything is in working order. You’ll simply never have to worry about backing up data again.

Around the clock customer service

Upon receiving your inquiry, our professional customer service team will work closely with you to resolve any technical problem that you might run into. We guarantee that you will:

  • Receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Obtain straightforward answers.
  • Receive professional service until the problem is resolved.

Our customer support services are a part of our agreement with you. In the event of a disaster you can expect comprehensive assistance without hidden costs.

Get your critical data protected now!

Our software protects your business, not just data. Contact our sales representatives immediately to get your critical business data protected as soon as possible.