How it works

The Cloudvault service has two components – a small and efficient piece of software that is installed on each client machine, and a central server which the client software communicates with. The initial backup copies the entire contents of your data to our server. All subsequent backups use ‘delta’ technology which intelligently copies only the changes within your files, and the server software recombines these changes into the body of data already in your storage area.

You have complete control over the data stored on the server, and can set retention schedules to ensure you are able to recover data from any day you specify. This allows you to enjoy all the capability that managed tape backups give you – but without the overhead.

A typical Cloudvault installation happens like this:

  1. You calculate your space requirements
  2. We set up your account on our servers
  3. We help you configure our client software
  4. We perform the first backup manually (to save time)
  5. We continue to monitor your backups while they run unattended
  6. It usually takes no longer than 24 hours to be fully operational.

In the event of a disaster that results in data loss you have access to your data immediately through our web interface. This allows you to recover individual files and folders onto any machine. To facilitate a full recovery without the latency of transferring your data over the internet, Cloudvault staff can copy your data store onto a portable hard drive and bring it to you. Our client software can then decrypt and restore your data exactly as it was within minutes.