How it works

Feature Comparisons

Costs USB Hard Drive Tape Cloudvault
Initial Start Up High Very High Included
Software Moderate Moderate Included
Maintenance/ Replacements Very High Very High Included
Hardware Upgrade High Very High Included
Data Storage Upgrade High Very High Low
Off-site Storage High High Included
Courier Service Low Low Included
Backup USB Hard Drive Tape Cloudvault
Fault Tolerance
Data Encryption
Virus Safe
Full Automation
Fast Backup Process
Fast Restore Process
Easy Restoration Tests
Restore Files Instantly
Restore Older Version of Files Instantly
Restore to Anywhere
Managed Media
Continuous Data Protection
Automated Retention Policy
Hardware Independent
Advanced Backup Filter
User Friendly GUI
All Platforms Supported
Common Databases Support
Detailed Reports
In-File Delta Support
Unlimited Data Storage