Off-site storage location

Using an off-site storage location for your backup data is the only sensible approach because it mitigates against the possibility that a disaster could happen on-site, destroying everything. The impact of an office fire or flood in your office could be catastrophic.

Backup tapes used to be the ideal solution for storing your backups off-site because of their portability. However due to the high media failure rates, costs of renting a safe deposit box in a bank, costs of hiring a courier service and the tape itself being easy to lose/steal, tape backups are less than ideal given the modern alternatives. Cloudvault’s online backup service uses off-site storage by default. Your data is automatically backed up onto our off-site servers, so you will be safe from any emergency situations within your server environment. What makes the online backup even greater than tape backups is that you can access your backed up data instantly without needing to install hardware or software, so you can recover critical files immediately.