Data encryption

The security of your data is vital for the success of our business, which is why it is important for us to ensure that your data will be safely protected in our servers.

The Cloudvault Online Backup system has several layers of security, so that your data will only be accessible by you and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Login Credentials

Your unique login credentials will be needed to login to our servers so that you can add, edit or delete your backup sets.

Encrypting Key

The encrypting key is used to encrypt all the data that is transferred between your systems and our servers. By default, the encrypting key is the same as your login password, but you are encouraged to change it to something private to ensure that the Cloudvault technical team cannot access your data. It is critical that this key is kept somewhere safe because it is required in order to restore your data. Disclosure: We don’t have computers powerful enough to reverse-engineer a lost encrypting key. Don’t lose it!


By default, your data will be encrypted using a 256-bit Twofish Algorithm. This level of encryption can ensure that your data will be kept safely in our servers. However, we do support other algorithms, so you can choose which method suits you best. You have a choice of either 128-bit or 256-bit encryption; the algorithms we support are Twofish, DESede and AES; finally you have a choice of either a ECB or CBC mode of encryption.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

After your data has been encrypted and compressed, your data will be uploaded onto our servers through a Secure Socket Layer connection using our 2048-bit certificate.

IP address (Optional)

You have the option to set IP addresses so that only computers with that IP address will be able to access your data.