Data centre

All Cloudvault servers are protected by RAID6 disk arrays and dual power supplies to ensure your data is as safe as possible. Our datacentre facilities offer the highest levels of environmental safety and security:

Network connectivity

Dedicated redundant bandwidth to HKIX


Power supplied from dual external substations
Uninterruptible/redundant power supply to ensure continuous operation
Redundant PSUs on separate power feeds in every server
Diesel generator to fully backup the essential loads in the datacentre
Separate clean earth for computer equipment

Fire Services

Gas-based BTM / FM 200 fire detection and suppression system


Dual/redundant Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) system

Building Management System (BMS)

Water leakage alarm
Intrusion door alarm
CRAC Unit and MVAC system
Image recording for CCTV system
UPS, EPS, normal power and fire services failure alarms

Security System

Visitor control system
Card access control system
CCTV system with image capture recording
Intrusion door alarm for all perimeter doors and plant rooms
Server cabinets physically locked

Technical support

Dedicated 24×7 technical support team