How it works

Data security

The security that protects your data is paramount. Cloudvault’s level of encryption far exceeds that of most online banking services. All internet traffic is compressed, encrypted and finally uploaded through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. Our data centre locations are Grade One managed facilities with the highest level of infrastructural safeguards. Cloudvault can also replicate backup data to a secondary server in a separate location – an extra layer of protection that cannot be provided by other backup methods.

Easy to manage and use

After the initial setup of Cloudvault Online Backup Manager, scheduled backup jobs will be run automatically without any human effort required. Restore operations can be done with just a few clicks when needed. With Cloudvault’s integrated web administration console, your system administrators can securely access your data from anywhere on the internet. Cloudvault always keeps users and system administrators informed by sending out comprehensive activity reports via e-mail on a daily basis.

Web Interface

Our web interface allows you to access your data by using an internet browser. This ensures that you will be able to recover your data even though the client is not installed on that computer in the case of any emergencies.

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